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Abeda Inamdar Junior College For Girls

About Us

Abeda Inamdar Junior College a prestigious institution for young, aspiring, ambitious female youth, who have a mission to rule the world, holds a significant position in the renowned AZAM campus located in the hearts of Pune city.

“Navigate, strive and thrive”

The dream merchants of this novel and noble endeavor were Philanthropists who believe that ‘Knowledge is Power’ are our luminous visionaries Mr. P.A. Inamdar, A pioneer par excellence and the charismatic Mrs. Abeda Inamdar who stands as a role model for women liberations and empowerment. Their generous donation and dedication, devotion and perseverance have seen the junior college raise from a mere 60 students per faculty an overwhelming 2000 students (24 divisions).

It is not only the excruciating increase in the number of students but the hallmark o this college are its outstanding achievements for which the common ingredients for which the common in H.S.C. results stands a testimony to the fact that here “Work is Worship”.

Mrs. Roshan Ara K. Shaikh


A student has to offer two languages & E. V S. as compulsory subjects and four optional subjects.




H.S.C Vocational



Biology Laboratory

Physics Laboratory


Chemistry Laboratory

Computer Laboratory

Governing Board Members

Dr. P. A. Inamdar

Mrs. Abeda P. Inamdar Vice – President
Mr. Latif Magdum Secretary
Mr. Muzaffar Shaikh Treasurer
Mr. Irfan Jan Mohd. Shaikh Jt. Secretory
Mr. Haji Abdul Qadeer  Qureshi Jt. Secretory
Mr. Majeed Usman Dawood Member
Mr. Sayyed Ali Raza A. Inamdar Member
Mr. Abbas Ismail Shaikh Member
Mr. Advt. Hanif Shaikh Member
Mr. Mohamad Khalid Ansari Member
Mr. Badruddin Shaikh Member
Mr.Mashkur  Ahmed Shaikh Member

Members of School Committee (AIJCG, Pune)

Dr. P. A. Inamdar  


Mrs. Abeda P. Inamdar


Mr. Majeed Usman Dawood  


Mr. Mohamad Khalid Ansari